Artist's for the Kids of Syria

The idea for this charity auction dates the origin of Fatma A. Lootah! 
The paintings that Fatma created on this topic and the call "do not forget the kids of Syria" have touched my heart and so we have jointly developed the idea. So when I started the first call on Facebook 4 months ago, I did not expect that more than 80 artists and galleries heed this call!!! 
I am very proud to be allowed to all those wonderful people call my friends. The idea to found artforumuae 6 years ago and to support artist has paid off alone for this great charity auction.

My thanks go to all who support artforumua in this matter! Let us hope and pray that the Charity Auction a success.

Yours Peter

Here are the Donors in Photo

Artist of the Month March. 2015, Palash Halder

Palash Halder: 21st Dec 1976, West Bengal

Academic Qualification :
2001 : (B.V.A).Rabindra Bharati University.
1996 : (B.A) Kolkata University.
Solo Shows
2014 : Bajaj Art Gallery (Presented by JS art gallery, Mumbai)
2013 : Jehangir Art Gallery {Mumbai)
2011 : DD Neroy Art Gallery (Mumbai)
2011 : Hotel Taj Krishna (Hyderabad)

My Words …

In the modern artistic World everyone speaks in his own private language, when every man invents his own dictionary, art seems to be no longer a universal language. I’m just trying to take entry in to my canvases from such a background where the common folks practice their life style in such a manner from art come into being.
Deeply moved by the persistent and burning issues of our society, existence and co-existence of human with contrast ideologies, degenerating philosophies with the passage of time, along with innumerable personal experiences inspire me. I use the canvas to vent out and express agony of existence, concern towards intense struggle for survival and many other emotions that emerge as a reflection of the current state of our society. Through my canvases, I yearn to seek answers to my questions that have affected my sensitive being and inspired me to use these issues as a core subject of my works. My color palette goes very well with the mood of the subjects I intend to portray along with layers of textures. 

My Journey continues with some old & new mediums of expression. I move through the pages of life always learning, always wanting the beauty of simplicity in life to return. I believe that imagination is stronger than knowledge. I believe that dreams are more powerful than facts, that hope always triumphs over experiences………..


New under Artist gallery works by Shaimaa Refaat
New under Artist Gallery works by Abeer Nasr Aldeen
New under Artist gallery works by Shahzad Hassan Ghazi

Art is a good investment! I believe in the slow-growing art market in the Middle East, and therefore I would like to offer the opportunity to not more then 30 friends, to earn with a relatively small investment a maximum profit in the next two years. Everybody can participate. For detailed information please send an Email to


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